50 New Design Ideas!

Our designers have just added 50 new design ideas to our priced online library! These designs leverage the latest technology in hardware and graphics: new configurations with big bold graphic impact, new software-oriented solutions with big TV demo stations and LED video walls, new options for glass shelves and display cases, and even some new options in furniture and overhead signage. These design ideas look custom and pack, ship, and install efficiently, which translates into more booths for less money for you.

We’re Exhibit People. We’re based in Las Vegas and we specialize in smart, high impact, custom trade show rental displays.
Check out our priced exhibit design ideas to get a closer look at these designs as well as see our other solutions. If you see something you like, chat with Matt or any one of our reps to see how we can help you look that cool for a price you can afford.

Quick two minute video.