Rental LED Video Walls for Social Distancing!

When trade shows resume, we will all be thinking of ways to make Exhibitors and Attendees feel more comfortable while at the same time using our trade show display to make a personal connection while introducing our products and services.

Consider how a rental video wall for trade shows can help you to accomplish this and be the draw of the show. LED video walls are the ideal rental product because they are costly to buy and require tech support to install the LED video panels and run the LED video content. This is one of our rental specialties and we have the LED tiles and AV techs to support each project – trade show rental displays with LED rental video walls.

LED video walls are really just a huge seamless TV. It’s true that the resolution is not as good as your living room TV, but from a few feet away the impact of vibrant images is amazing, and from that short distance you are unable to notice it’s a LED wall made up of individual led video tiles.

For Trade Shows post-COVID-19, this now offers a double opportunity and advantage. Delivering a message to attendees at a distance use to mean drawing more people to engage in your booth space. Now, with a little space planning with LED displays, you can continue to draw attendees to your booth where they can absorb your message while keeping a safe social distance.

LED video wall content can get expensive in addition to the cost of your trade show booth, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re flexible. Video Walls will draw a crowd whether the content is world-class award-winning or PowerPoint slides.

It’s the size, light and motion of the video wall that make the impact. A great booth design and world-class content is expected in the Sony booth, but not in a smaller 10×20 booth. Attendees expectations are not as high and many times a simple 1-2 minute video is all you need on the show floor.

Consider these ways to leverage a rental video wall in your booth space:

Atmosphere: There’s many great video clips great for wall rentals that are easily available for a few hundred dollars. You could download an amazing waterfall footage and put that on loop for a simple eye-catching way to draw a crowd. If you sell a product, this is a great way to tie in your branding and demographic. For example:

Product on Location: Big or small, it’s always a good idea to show your product in action. Today with iPhone 11 and a $120 stabilizer you can capture very good footage on your own. It’s also easy to find tech savvy people on to add background music and text using Adobe After Effects making it more cost effective to have led video walls for trade shows.

Interactive Demonstrations: Consider that you could be standing at your reception counter, controlling a wireless keyboard and mouse, and giving a software demo on your video wall. Anything you see on you laptop is displayed on the video wall behind you. Your attendees can stand in front of the reception counter at a safe distance while still seeing and hearing every detail of your demo.

How this is done is simple. A HDMI cable is run from laptop through the counter, under the carpet to the back of the video wall. The other end of this HDMI cable plugs into the video wall controller and like magic your content appears on your video wall! If you have internet to your laptop then you can literally access and display anything from the world wide web if you like.

Where can I get my LED Video Wall content produced:

Explainer video: This is one we really like, especially for companies that have a bit of complexity to their product. In this case providing a simplified overview can pique attendees’ interest in the core value of your complex software or service. A commercial real estate company wants to show its attendees at the RECON SHOW how it has offices, agents and unique services across the country helping retail businesses just like mine.

This can be easy too. Again Fiverr,com should be the first resource you consider. There may be a designer in Bangladesh that offers real-estate explainer videos that could easily be modified to tell your story.

With a simple clicker connected you could have the power to pause, go back or fast forward depending what part of the video helps you answer attendees questions. These videos can be very powerful to attract attendees and hold their interest especially if the product is complex. Here is one such company that focuses on custom tailored Explainer Videos.

To help you see and compare designs and rental prices, this link takes you to our design ideas search, sorted to show you only design ideas with LED video walls seamlessly integrated.

If this sounds interesting, give us a call @ 888-323-2830 and we can let you know your options and costs for a trade show rental display featuring a rental video wall to deliver your message at a safe distance.

Quick two minute video.