Ordering Trade Show Services

Ordering show services correctly and on time can be a tedious and stressful process pouring over exhibitor manuals, show forms, rules and seemingly lots of small print.

Trade show organizers and general contractors will publish the Exhibitor Manual containing important dates and forms with lots of details on the who, what, where and when.

You’re required to know this info to avoid delays and additional costs. In addition, you maybe required to order some services from the facility as many venues have their own in-house electricians and riggers.

Show forms with industry terms can be confusing. For example, you may need a tension fabric sign hung but you don’t know what to enter for how long it will take. Fortunately all shows provide easy access to exhibitor services departments where you can get all the help you need.

We find the “Quick Facts” and “Important Deadlines” published as part of the exhibitor manual by either the show organizer or general contractor to be the best place to start. From there, the services you order will depend on the elements of your booth. Electrical, Electrical Labor, Rigging are the common ones. Providing a great drawing with accurate dimensions is critical to you getting everything placed exactly where you need it.

We Help You Order Trade Show Services the Right Way

We find that ordering trade show services is best done systematically from a checklist of order form requirements and deadlines. This allows you to make certain all forms are completed, submitted and verified. It also helps to catch the small print items like target move-in/move-out dates; clean floor policy, or all-clear date/time after the show.

When you rent from Exhibit People we will either complete and submit all the show forms for a small fee, or provide you with advice to help you complete and submit the show forms. We provide all required layouts to the general contractor or facility for both electrical and rigging placement. We have the option to submit Third Party forms that allow us to pay for your services and add them to your final invoice, so you only receive one invoice for structure and services from us.

Overall, the most common mistakes made are:

  • Electrical order doesn't match the power shown on electrical drawing
  • Neighboring booths not correctly noted on layouts to show orientation of booth and work to be done
  • Show organizers are missing your Method of Payment ( Electrical and Material Handling often have separate providers at a show)
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