Reducing Trade Show Booth Costs

Planning for a trade show can be compared to grocery shopping while you’re hungry. Trying not to go overboard and stuffing your booth space with things you don’t need and are void of any trade show marketing objectives and let’s not even mention the final bill…well you get our point.

Your overall goal is to attract attendees to your booth and away from competitors, all while reducing trade show booth costs. We suggest developing a trade show marketing strategy that allows you to scale your growth. Keep in mind, it’s harder to downsize to an inline space once you’ve made the leap to a island.

Also, resist the temptation to have a completely different booth each year. Familiarity can be comforting for returning attendees. If your booth design does a good job presenting your identity while highlighting what’s new, then you’re in a good position to stretch your trade show dollars and re-use graphics to save money.

How Renting From Exhibit People Saves You Money

Take a look at all the related trade show booth costs. Lighter booths will cost less to transport and accrue less in Material Handling costs charged by the show. This alone can amount to thousands in savings. Keep in mind the chaotic environment of the trade show floor. Subtle booth features can be easily overlooked and end up wasting time and money. Resist the temptation to have too much going on in your booth space. There is value in open spaces to gather and mingle.

It’s also important to keep in mind the cost of storage in a booth space. The convenience of having your literature and giveaway inventory along with everyone’s computer bags and hand bags in your booth comes at a premium.

What Matters Most:

  • Don't go overboard, Do plan for future growth
  • Don't pack too much into your space, leave room for staff and attendees
  • Re-use graphics when possible
  • Choose a good Exhibit House that identifies with your needs

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