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One common question trade show marketers have is whether they should rent or buy a trade show booth. That decision becomes easier if you have a place to store the trade show booth you buy, and if you have someone that can oversee the care and maintenance of this new booth you own.

Most booth damage happens during install and dismantle handling. The rush to get the booth done can lead to cutting corners on care and packing. A new booth can last many years, but in reality we rarely see this. Purchased booths either fall behind newer innovative design trends, or they take a beating in handling and shipping.

On the other hand, buying a new booth gives you more options in materials, finishes and colors. It also gives you more options in customization, which can be the driving factor in purchasing a trade show display.

Renting your booth gives you more flexibility to grow, change or adapt to a variety of spaces on the show floor. Renting eliminates the concerns over storage costs, shipping and/or handling damage during install and dismantle. Trade show booth rentals in general have been steadily growing for these reasons.

Booth design and construction innovations evolve faster than the life span of a purchased booth. It’s far more common that you will feel your booth no longer provides a competitive edge rather than your booth will be retired due to wear and tear. Disposing of a purchased booth is no easy task either. You can sell it for pennies on the dollar or you can pay to have it discarded.

Rent or Buy Trade Show Booth

Still not sure whether you should rent or buy your trade show booth? Consider these benefits of renting: Renting allows you to focus on your clients/attendees and vendors rather than being distracted with the challenges associated with coordinating the services necessary for getting a purchased booth ready for your show. Today, with greater health and safely concerns, renting helps by minimizing the time and effort you might otherwise spend on the show floor. Less time and effort results in less stress and more rest and focus. Just the recipe to keep your bodies immune system strong.

When you rent from Exhibit People, our team will serve as your Exhibit Manager from concept to completion. We have a vested interest in the safe return of your rental booth. We know how to complete all the proper forms on time, placing orders ahead of the advance pricing deadlines to help reduce costs and errors resulting in install delays. Exhibit People know how to get your trade show rental booth delivered next to your booth space on time for the install, for the best price. Our core strength lies in that we know how to stage the materials so our team works fast and efficiently to reduce labor costs. Moreover; We know our AV components and we make sure your content plays on queue.

In conclusion, our exhibit people work with you from concept to completion, to ensure you have a smooth show and positive trade show rental booth experience. We want to look back and count you among our long-time clients. Talk to us and see how booth renting from Exhibit People saves hassle and money.

Here’s what matters:

  • Rent for Flexibility to Change on a Dime
  • Rent to Test the Waters
  • Rent to Avoid Capital Expenditures
  • Rent for Hassle Free Convenience

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Designing and installed trade show booths in events across the country, and we’ve been doing it for years
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Our exhibit designers are also project managers Our exhibit designers are also project managers
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Smart trade show rental solutions put your money Smart trade show rental solutions put your money
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