Where do you find affordable video content?

Exhibitors need to capture interest in just few seconds. Printed graphics are simply limited in how much information they can deliver in that 3-4 seconds. The industry was ripe for a better way to deliver fast, efficient, large format marketing messages on the trade show floor. Exhibitors may want to step it up into a rental LED video wall but they need an affordable entry level way to do this.

There’s no question LED video walls are quickly growing in popularity on the show floor. It’s also no surprise, they offer the best way to draw attendees and communicate from a distance. Because of this there is a fast growing need for affordable LED video wall content. Let’s dive in and take a look at how to get affordable video content for trade show booths.

Four questions typically quickly arise, 1) Who can help us develop a trade show booth that integrates a rental LED video wall. 2) Who can create our looping video movie for our LED video wall? 3) How long should the video be? and  4) How much is all of this going to cost?

Three of these answers are easy.

We specialize in great looking low cost trade show rental booths. We have LED TV’s and LED video walls in your rental inventory and all the technical expertise required, which means we’re not farming these out. Take a minute and browse our priced design ideas filtered to show you only great looking rental booths with LED video walls integrated.

Your looping video should be short, definitely under 2 minutes. It sort of depends on what you want to accomplish, but there’s nothing wrong with a message that loops every 30 seconds. If your video wall is more to educate attendees once they are in your booth then a longer video is plenty good, but beyond 2 minutes may be too long.

PRO TIP: consider Aspect Ratio aka the height and width of your video. This is something you’ll want to determine as one of your first steps. Many exhibitors are looking for a 9:16 video wall so that the video they invest in can look great on their website. However, in many cases, a LED video wall that is very wide looks awesome. So, what you’ll want to do is have your video designer create you two versions, one that’s an exact fit for your LED video wall, and another that’s 9:16 for all your standard website and social media uses.

We have the ability to create a playlist of short video clips. This can break up the message and give you the ability to pause for discussion between video clips. There’s plenty of tricky things you can do with video equipment, but the vast majority of cost-conscious exhibitors will be focused on a nice looping video message.

In terms of cost to create your LED video wall video. In most cases, the type of video format you’re looking for is an MP4 video. Surprisingly you can have this done for under $100. However on the low-end, plan to pay between $100 – $500. These would be using existing templates with your logo, images and text inserted. For something a bit more custom plan to pay between $500 – $2,000. For something completed custom plan to pay between $2,000 – $10,000.

Fiverr is worth checking out.

For video content on a tight budget, the short answer is to use a provider that works with templates that can be modified to suit your company’s needs. Your first stop should be to browse Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a website it’s been around for a few years. Today Fiverr’s website has a number of video-related categories under Video and Animation:

Animated Explainers
Live-Action Explainers
Short Video Ads

You can also use Fiverr to piece together a more custom looping video. You’ll do this by using a number of Fiverr’s creative specialists that can build the separate pieces then forward those pieces to one of the Video Editors listed on Fiverr for some post-production work. With direction from you they will be able to combine the separate elements into a custom-tailored looping video:

Video Editing
3D Product Animation
Drone Videography
Logo Animation

Live events have more impact with LED technology, LED displays, and video marketing. Thankfully Fiverr seems to also attract more capable Sellers as video graphics continue to overtake print graphics. You can browse sample work and message Sellers with questions. It’s a helpful platform. Also, Fiverr has a great website and customer service that allows you some amount of protection to back out of a gig, or insist on more revisions if you’re unhappy with anything.

Fiverr is definitely a resource you should know about whether you use it or just refer to it for ideas as it can be a big help. Our own Exhibit People website features a clever explainer video from on of the sellers on Fiverr. We paid $450 for this two minute looping video.

Dive in it’s fun!

Don’t be afraid to dive in. Consider testing the waters with a low-cost video gig. It could upload your video to YouTube and embed your YouTube video on your website, or upload it to your social media. It’s a great way to get familiar with this resource. Fiverr isn’t the only website that will connect you with creative talent from around the world.

Also, check out Shutterstock for a huge library of stock video clips. You’ll be amazed on whats out there ready to use in your looping video.

Upwork is another creative resource that we use on a regular basis. Upwork is more intended for larger longer term creative work or more custom high-quality videos. If you plan to build many videos then looking for a video designer on Upwork is a good way to go. There’s also plenty of local talent likely in your area and a google search for Video Designer near me is a great place to start.

Embrace LED video walls and embrace creating fresh new video content, you won’t regret diving in!

Quick two minute video.