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This is another one of our new Safe Collection design ideas. Inline booths have a harder time getting attendees to enter due to their size. We feel its safer but also simply better to give some space between the aisle and the booth elements. In this 10×20 rental design for Suunto watches the main focus was on their bio metrics watches. The LED video wall allows the exhibitor to quickly show you what, where and how. We already know that LED video walls draw the eye in a big way and in this design the eye sees both the message and the actual product on display, looking really good lit up under plexiglass.

The plexiglass topped rental product pedestals communicate that there are 3 main products to Suunto. A hand sanitizing stand nearby tells clients you care about their safely and holding the reception counter back off the aisle tells attendees you wont pounce on them as soon as they show any interest in your video or product.

For this design we again went with the economical EVA foam interlocking tiles. We feel they are a smart and somewhat unexpected flooring, ideal for this type of booth design. It certainly helps to know that these are easy to clean and disinfect as needed!

As with every booth, we will gladly store your graphics until your next show to save you big money on your second rental!



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