LED Video Wall Rentals

LED Video walls are an exciting new Design Element for designers and marketers to attract attention and deliver a message on the show floor. Today almost any exhibitor, even with small budgets, can rent LED video walls for for trade shows.

Video walls simply attract attention like nothing else on the show floor. LED Video walls replace the older LCD video walls with visible frame borders. This new breed of video wall is made of if locking tiles that build larger seamless video walls and with innovative ways to integrate into a rental booth design.

Video walls consist of Video tiles, connected to a processor, connected to a laptop. The laptop plays the video, the processor, displays the image on the video wall and the tiles deliver a bright video image. Tile resolution is improving from P5 to P2.9 and lower improving how the wall looks from a distance but also close up which is especially important in smaller booth spaces.

Video walls require video content and creating quality motion graphic content is a fast evolving industry. Currently there are a quick easy resources available to us all to create a professional looping marketing message. Just visit Fiverr.com and search promotional videos, and visit our video production guidelines for instructions to give your video designer.

There are numerous ways to hang, mount and support LED video walls. From the factory they are ready to suspend from trussing or free stand on the ground. In addition there are many way to use exhibit materials to integrate video walls into walls, towers and hanging structures for a seamless big impact presentation.

LED Video Wall Panels

Nothing draws a crowd like an LED video wall in your booth. Incorporating an LED video wall rental can make your booth one that attendees won’t soon forget. An LED video wall display with light, motion, and sound creates a memorable digital experience. The exceptional brightness of LED walls makes exhibitors highly visible from a distance creating a vibrant image that is hard to miss. We have the rental inventory and experience to develop an effective video wall rental booth solution to help you stand out and make great use of your booth space. Never before have exhibitors been able to so effectively show and tell from a distance, even in smaller booths. Moreover, we see many more exhibitors who want to rent a professional LED display as the focal point in their rental booth design, whether suspended from the ceiling or integrated into a wall or tower.

LED tiles for video walls are rental by nature and these “tiles” are standardized in their respective size and assembly. This ensures they are supported in every exhibit venue with local labor and expertise capable of install & tech support.

Depending on your booth application along with with your specific budget you can choose from the different resolutions; The higher the resolution, the higher the cost. LED video tile companies are competing to develop tiles that are lighter, easier to install and have higher resolution.

LED video wall rentals are less costly than older video wall solutions. However, the overall cost for tile rental, content development, installation, and handling can still really add up. You want to make sure to work with exhibit people who know the ins & outs of LED displays.

We invite you to browse our Priced LED Video Wall Packages and LED Video Wall Design Ideas to see design ideas that may catch your eye. Or, talk with an expert and tell us how you’d like to use a Video Wall to provide your attendees with great show experience.

Here’s what matters:

  • Large Seamless Video Image
  • Tiles to create your own wall size and shape
  • P2.9 Resolution
  • Plays any MP4 movie

Key Features

key feature
LED tiles with P2.9 Resolution is ideal for Trade Show booth viewing distances and show hall lighting. Each Tile is 500 mm square
key feature
User Friendly software makes it quick and easy to load and configure your video to the height and width of your video wall
key feature
LED P2.9 is not the HD resolution of TV's. Instead it gives you a large seamless video experience that draws attendees like no other booth element
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