Trade Show Flooring Rental

Trade show rental flooring will help you stand out, add character and define your booth space in a way that only exhibit flooring can. There are many options for trade show exhibit flooring. In the US, carpet is the most common, however wood flooring (both real wood and printed vinyl) have quickly gained in popularity.

The Advantages of Plush Carpet – Plush carpet is the most common exhibit flooring due to the additional benefits that come with it. Functionally, carpet with padding makes it cheap and easy to run electrical and computer wires throughout the booth space without detection.

Those who have chosen plush carpet with padding as their exhibit flooring option also have a booth space that looks great and is nice to stand on for exhibitors and attendees. It’s not uncommon for exhibitors to order double padding for additional walking comfort, and, in addition, the double padding under your carpet creates a deeper, beveled appearance at the perimeter of your booth space.

This may seem a subtle difference, but this can have a dramatic effect on how custom your trade show booth appears to attendees walking the show floor.

Rental Flooring Options for Trade Show & Events

You may be impressed to see the custom looking rental flooring options available for your rental booth. Flooring defines your booth space, helps you stand out, and if done well ties everything together in just the right way. Plush carpet and padded vinyl are the most common rental flooring option often used together to define space and enhance the booth design.

Consider your carpet flooring options for running power and data cables in your booth space. If running them under the flooring is your best option then plush carpet with underpad is the economical option; wood-printed padded vinyl flooring is a bit more costly option.

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