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This larger island rental design idea designed for Starbucks Coffee is another fun inviting cost-effective example of our Next Generation smart rental design ideas.

A large two-piece double sided hanging sign delivers Starbucks brand and booth atmosphere. The sign shape says this exhibitor is creative and inviting. Not much more is required in graphics to successfully communicate who they are and what they do.

A centralized greeting area clearly shows attendees where to start in this booth if they have questions or would like to talk to someone or even get one of the giveaway tall latte coffees. This design is set up so Starbucks can blend serving coffee and pastries while greeting interested attendees.

The café area supports a recognizable Starbucks café atmosphere with plenty of seating and condiment station for multiple meetings or tp just enjoy a hot frothy latte.

A corner product display helps to define the booth space and remind attendees that Starbucks also sells more than coffee with a fair amount of product and merchandising. This becomes another graphic opportunity at eye level and provides a bit of separation from the aisles and the meeting tables.

To help tell a broader story of thousands of locations and baristas, we’ve added one well placed rental kiosk with vertical oriented large TV’s to play looping video showing, super examples of locations and service!

For the flooring, wood look vinyl rental flooring was the obvious choice to complement Starbucks warm earthly interior design style and graphic message.

Overall, for a fraction of the cost of a custom exhibit, this booth comes pretty close to creating a spot-on oasis for Starbucks coffee. This fresh new design helps us think outside of the box for how to use a booth space more effectively to provide a super distinct experience for attendees.

As always, we will gladly store your graphics between shows, free of charge!


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