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This larger rental design idea designed to promote Nevada travel is a super fun example of one of our fresh new larger rental design ideas! This is also one of our smart new Next Generation rental designs, built to give you much more bang for your buck and in a more authentic approachable way to exhibit. Many of today’s fast growing companies feel more like a family than a corporation and these new design ideas mirror that sentiment.

This fun tension fabric hanging sign has a clever two-piece design and shape. These two-piece signs allow you to present your brand along with your message, even if that message is conveyed in an image without words. Using a large flat double-sided sign saves you money at every turn. Less cost for the sign means less cost for the rigging. Your message dominates this larger sign, not the other way around.

Being a travel booth design idea we placed six vertical TV kiosks. Three along two sides of the booth space create a nice effect and atmosphere as the eye scans across the booth space catching the flashing visuals. The booth visitors will clearly understand the experience traveling Nevada has to offer.

The white leather lounge chairs in this design are meant for small, more intimate meetings with visitors and the huge rental reception counters help by providing booth traffic direction and tell the booth visitor where to go for more information.  We set these back a bit to give enough space between you and the attendees passing by. These counters have plenty of locking storage underneath for giveaways and/or personal belongings.

Like all of our smart new next gen larger rental design ideas, this one is also highly versatile. The kiosks shown could easily be replaced with other standard or custom kiosks tailored to your presentation needs. Check out our other kiosks here!


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