010 LED Video Wall - 20 P2.6 tiles

  • 60 500x500 P2.6 pixel pitch LED tiles for super high quality image
  • 18" deep support frames with mounting brackets
  • Sand bag ballast to hold the video wall rock solid in place
  • multiple options to finish off the ends or connect to existing booth structure

Rental price complete as shown:


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This Ground Supported 010 LED Video Wall kit is just one of many we have priced on our website to show you popular ideas with pricing. 010 LED Video Wall tiles can be joined to create ground supported walls of huge size. These are typically limited only by the space and the support structure that is able to hold the wall rock solid.

With your video wall ground supported as an independent element, there is no need for a heavy or strong booth structure to tie into. We have a number of very clean options to finish off the ends of your video wall and to cleanly tie our video wall into almost any booth structure.

In most cases, we are installing our ground supported video walls on padded flooring. When we do this we forgo the ground beam as we feel the video wall looks better without it. However, if there is no flooring or the ground is known to be bumpy of terribly uneven then we would need to add the 3-inch tall ground beam which creates the perfect level edge to build the first row of LED tiles.

.If you looking for a video wall, a ground supported LED video wall will give you the most wall for your money. Give us a call and tell us what your working to accomplish. We’ll answer your questions and if you like we can develop drawings and a quote tailored to your specific needs.

There’s nothing like a big seamless video wall to capture attention on the show floor or the stage or really anywhere!


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