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This fun rental design idea is both smart and safe minded. This really is a lot of booth for not a lot of money. The unique tension fabric hanging sign shape adds a lot to this designs impact. It’s an easy low cost way to stand out on the show floor. Choosing a flat sign saves huge and placing that flat sign on the diagonal increases show floor visibility.

Sure we could have gone with a small video wall, but choosing instead to go with our 82” Samsung LED Smart TVs gives a few advantages. One is price, as video walls are a bit more costly. At this size LED Smart TV’s give you a much better picture holding 4K detail just like you would expect.

Jetboil makes some amazing camp stoves. We all own one and it might be hard to find outdoor minded people that don’t know Jetboil. This design showcases how our rental product pedestals can be used to spotlight individual products or product families. With a little printing on the pedestals its easy to provide key info nearby!

We couldn’t resist opting for camp chairs around a low coffee table for a ‘round the campfire look and feel. Locking glass display counters double as reception counters and display smaller parts and accessories that might otherwise walk away.

Overall this design represents a good use of safe for any small product company! We will gladly store your graphics until your next show to save you big money on your second rental!


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