V2707 LED Controller - MCTRL600

    This is one of the most popular video controllers used to run LED video walls. This MCTRL600 controller is made by NovaStar and is one of their latest generation of controllers. The main purpose of your controller is to parse the video signal to each of the tiles. Every controller contains a circuit board called the sending card and every LED video wall tile contains a similar circuit board called the receiving card. A controller connects sending cards and receiving cards, and sends a video signal to be displayed across however many LED tiles you choose.

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It would be possible to use your laptop connected to this controller, but first some NovaStar software would have to be loaded along with video player software. We use VLC as its recognized as the most universal video player software.

Generally we use our laptops as they are high powered laptops with proper graphics card specs and without any clutter loaded onto them. They are dedicated laptops ready to run your video.


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