LED Backdrops – Biggest Trends In Trade Show Marketing

I recently ran across a super article by Mariana Fernandez in January 2021. Mariana’s topic was LED backdrops and how digital backdrops are making a huge comeback post-COVID-19. This article caught my eye because we also believe the full impact of LED video walls at trade shows is just around the corner when trade shows restart this fall.

Mariana drew attention to the evolution of LED backdrops used in television and virtual events and how they really do an amazing job weaving video into the story line. She identifies how all indicators point to this trend continuing to influence all aspects of live and broadcast marketing.

We also see that audience expectations at trade shows has and will continuously increase, and LED video walls have represented the biggest new trend in live event marketing for some time now. There’s no question that COVID-19 has been difficult for the trade show industry, but the downturn has forced survivors in the industry to evolve, or rather allowed the industry itself to evolve. Rarely do creative people get one year off outside the daily grind to push into new boundaries.

Fresh impressive impact.

We’re seeing that this pause in trade show activity also motivates exhibitors to come through this refreshed and new, with big impact after such a long live event marketing delay. LED backdrops and the video content played on them is likely just the ticket to up the game.

Attendees walking the trade show floor within a few seconds are transported into a unique experience for a few minutes while they quickly download a deeper understanding of a company’s brand, mission and the products that differentiate that company. Attendees can better mymedic.es pre-qualify before deciding to enter a booth space on the show floor.

There’s no doubt that many newly developed elements of digital trade shows will continue into upcoming live events. Searchable exhibitor directories will allow attendees to better drill down on the companies they want to visit. Zoom type meetings that continue in the weeks after an event will provide a great platform for deep Q&A between buyers and sellers. And the ability to watch and listen to keynote speakers at your convenience will allow you to do more during your 3-4 days immersed at a live event. We genuinely feel the future is very bright for live event trade show marketing.


Affordable LED Backdrops.

As one of the early pioneers in low cost ground supported LED backdrops, we’re excited to push further in blending our style of cost effective trade show rental booths with cost effective LED video walls. LED video walls are not just for market leaders. They’re also not just for big expensive custom booths.

Given the impact they have on the show floor and the ability to change content from show to show, it could be argued that no other booth element delivers as much return on investment as an LED video backdrop.

We invite you to browse our website. With a few filter clicks it’s easy to sort through to see 38 new design ideas that all feature LED video walls, many with LED backdrops, along with other designs that integrate a video wall into the structure of a tower or suspend one from truss systems above the booth.

Give us a call and let’s talk about a rental booth design with an LED video backdrop or integrated LED video wall. We’ll give you the scoop on what to look for, what to avoid, and all the possibilities and video content you can play from basic, effective low cost solutions to Hollywood quality high cost productions!

The future is bright for LED backdrops and all kinds of trade show booths using LED video walls to promote and educate.

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