Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas – New Advantages

Considering a new custom trade show booth? Well, renting your trade show booth for a trade show in Las Vegas or anywhere in the United States may emerge a stronger option this fall.

Like all show cities, Trade shows and events in Las Vegas took a hit in the past few months, however Las Vegas is poised to emerge and far and away the best place to host and attend a trade show or convention. Las Vegas has 3.2 million square foot of Exhibition space after the completion of the expanded Las Vegas Convention Center.

When trade shows resume this fall, exhibitors and show attendees will be looking for better exhibit design to minimize their trade show risks. Renting a trade show booth from a rental specialist in Las Vegas both can help reduce both financial and health risks.

Here’s why:

Trade show booth rental for Expertise: Renting your custom rental trade show display booth with a local Las Vegas builder of custom trade show exhibits will give you a rental partner investing in every aspect of a smooth successful trade show start to finish.

It’s like having a full service onsite agent to insure everything comes together as planned. Your install supervisor knows how your rental booth was packed, and he knows how to utilize the exhibitor service desk to avoid delays and get things done efficiently and without damage.

Trade show booth rental for Flexibility: Renting your trade show booth gives you the flexibility to change your booth design on a dime, from show to show and even last minute before your shows opening hour.

Prefer a larger counter, no problem. Prefer more stools, no problem either. Forget your laptop adapter no problem we have many of them. Whether furniture or audio visual or booth structure your custom rental partner is prepared with the product and services to back it up.

Trade show exhibits rental for Convenience: Today many companies opt for a rental trade show booth for all the conveniences that come with them. Your rental partner is an expert on their rental inventory, and the final rental design is likely a combination of standard rental inventory with a few custom elements and custom graphics to tailor the final design to you.

Trade show rental inventory is more likely to be time tested with options and design ideas easily integrated. You’ll spend less time in the design process and less time on the show floor because your rental partner is there. He will have packed your booth. He will lead a crew in unpacking and assembling your booth before the show and dismantling and repacking after your show has ended.

Trade show booth rental to Save Money: The way you save money with a modern trade show rental exhibit is to reuse that design 3-4 times making minor changes in layout and graphics year to year. If your booth still looks competitive after 4 shows, then make minor changes to keep if fresh and reap the savings from a few more years.

Your custom printed graphics represent the biggest opportunity to reduce costs. Design them so that can be used year after year. Minimize the graphics that highlight this years message, innovation or 2.0 version.

Remember, when you rental your trade show exhibit, you don’t worry about scratches, chips, broken or last crates or stolen TV’s. These are for your rental partner to handle or absorb as part of the cost of running a rental business.

Two other areas worth mention are Labor and Shipping:
Good rental inventory is designed to disassemble and pack quickly and efficiently. In addition these elements are more durable well engineered solutions that install quicker.

Since labor and shipping are among the most costly part of any trade show budget, it can make a huge difference. The General Contractor is rewarded based on time, but your rental partner is highly motivated to have you come back and rent next year. Your rental partner ( hopefully Exhibit People ) will come prepared so avoid Electrical delays, they will have a plan for install and dismantle that will maximize the productivity from everyone that contributes to your rental booth install.

So, as things change post Covid-19 we invite your to investigate Las Vegas exhibit booth rentals a bit deeper. Especially how a rental booth can help you stay safe, sane and focused on the business at hand. While your at it you may like to browse our priced rental design ideas sorted to show you our most Popular design ideas.

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