An in-depth look at renting your trade show display in Orlando 2021

One doesn’t have to look very hard to see Orlando and the trade show display in Orlando is ahead of the curve in re-opening after COVID-19. The Governor and the city of Orlando are anxious to restart their local economies and much of that comes from business travelers attending Florida trade shows. As a result more trade shows wanting to take place in Orlando 2021.

Not only is Orlando a little more receptive to trade shows in 2021. In general, Orlando offers a longer trade show season with excellent year round weather. Orange County Convention Center in many ways is an easier venue to work in. There is plenty of parking close to the facility. Also, union regulations are a more relaxed so Exhibitors can do more for themselves and save.

As trade shows restart this 2021 fall season exhibitors will likely take it slowly to see how best to strategize for post pandemic live events and learn what works on the show floor. Exhibitors may take smaller booth spaces, and/or reuse existing booths to minimize costs as they access how best to adapt.

For exhibitors with existing booth properties there’s more to think about. The old messaging post pandemic may not be appropriate. In fact many new post COVID-19 marketing messages might focus more on health and safety and well-being. For exhibitor that realize they need a new booth property and message, their message 3 months after the pandemic will likely be quite different 9 months after when things settle down.

What makes most sense?

So, with much to navigate what options does an exhibitor have that effectively meets their short term and longer term booth property needs. We’ll, actually booth rental seems to check all the right boxes.

The rental booth process, from design to build to shipping is faster, less time is wasted and exhibitors can wait longer to finalize. Renting allows you to easily change a few things for each show. For example, maybe the first show right after Covid-19 you want to have more open air space.

To do this you can select more compact counters and furniture, then change for future shows as you see attendees become more comfortable lingering in your booth space. Not to mention that you can change things just to leverage a booth location and traffic flow. When you rent, you have an entire rental warehouse filled with mix and match options to work with.

Less obvious, but important… renting allows you to simply show up and sell. You spend less time on the show floor before and after the show. Less time around others and less time burning the candle at both ends. You get to focus on the show and not worry about the shipping, install or booth damage. Many of our clients rent their trade show booth mainly for these less obvious reasons.

So if these ideas strike a chord with you, give us a call regarding trade show display in Orlando and let’s chat about the right strategy for you to restart your life marketing initiatives and how a rental exhibit may or may not be the best option for you. The usually jumps out to us both fairly quickly.

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