What makes a super great 10 x 20 trade show rental booth?

We think a great 10 x 20 trade show rental booth must hit the target in three key areas.

Three must haves for every 10×20 rental booth.

1. Appearance – it absolutely must look professional. This is not to say that it has to look corporate, but it does need to have great proportions, be tall in the right places, be thick in the right places and with dimensions or features that don’t look odd in any way.

2. Function – it really must also provide great function. Function is in part providing right graphic space for your marketing message visibility. Function also should provide the right use of space for organizing and highlighting your products and services.  Function is the key factor that will give attendees an educational experience they will retain, especially after visiting 20 other booths at the show.

3. Price – few companies have unlimited budget, especially in a 10 x 20 booth space. If money were no issue we’d all choose one of the larger booth spaces on the show floor. Still a company that chooses to go with a 10 x 20 booth space wants to have the most visibility, the most impact and most productivity for that space.

It seems somewhat obvious  that the ideal 10×20 trade show rental booth would look professional, have a great layout and be surprisingly affordable. The truth is that there’s a lot of subtle factors that go into achieving this goal, and if this is important you will want to work with an exhibit house that has honed their skills in these areas, especially for smaller booth spaces.

Keep in mind that the price you will pay includes much more than just the cost of booth and graphics. Shipping your booth, delivering it to your booth space and installing and dismantling your booth will be a big factor in determining if a company has truly provided the best possible overall cost.

You need to dig deeper to understand what it really takes to deliver a high quality, low cost trade show booth experience. Efficiency needs to be deeply integrated into the engineering and design of the booth. This will be core to the company culture and easy for you to spot.

10×20 Exhibit Engineering

We can’t just say we want to build a lightweight trade show booth. There is a lot of work (often hard won proprietary secrets) that go into achieving a super great lightweight trade show rental booth. In part it’s the materials used, as some materials can be lighter than others without sacrificing strength or durability, but this takes a knack and years of trial and error experience to perfect.

Once do you have your materials dialed in, you still have to engineer the booth so that there is official use of those materials. Maximizing usage and minimizing parts and pieces go a long way to reducing cost and weight. It’s our belief that the only way to deliver a professional looking booth that maximizes the material and labor efficiencies is for the booth designer to develop a design weighing all three of these ingredients through the design process.

Too often in the trade show industry exhibit designers have little to do with the exhibit production. Typically designers have only a limited idea of how the booth will be constructed or how many parts and pieces it will require to complete the design they’ve achieved.

The trade show industry has long had employees with the title of “Detailer”. A Detailer’s job however is essentially to clean up a design ready for production after the design has sold to the client. Cleaning up a design after it’s been sold does not allow you to maximize materials or minimize the parts because changes could significantly change the design.

Great 10×20 Design Ideas.

At Exhibit People only designers with deep intimate knowledge of materials, parts and pieces and construction techniques develop trade show designs.

For example if we want a particular backwall solution, we use our CAD software to draw out the materials that will build that back wall. This allows us to make changes to the back wall as we design that are beautiful and efficient. When we complete a design we know how much it will cost, how it will ship and how much time it will take to install.

Our design process is an interplay of thinking to ensure that every part of the final design has efficient materials and is efficient in assembly and efficient in packing. With this in mind, we want to highlight a few designs that we feel are exceptional 10 x 20 rental design ideas that meet all three of the key areas spot on.

We invite you to take a look and we hope you will agree. Let us know if you have any questions especially if we can brainstorm with you on how we can develop a super great 10×20 rental booth for you!

Quick two minute video.