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Iyuno is a Korean company that has developed and markets translating software. Iyuno Learned about Exhibit People during the National Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

Iyuno was looking for a new trade show rental partner who could provide a rental design and rental booth with all related show services at a great price.

Iyuno was trying to get the most from there 10×20 booth space. They wanted to demonstrate their translating product at computer demonstration counters but also to attendees passing to draw more interest.

To do this, Exhibit People designers created a design with two demonstration counters, each with two LED TVs connected to one laptop. One of these TVs was mounted to the outside of return trade show walls positioned right at the aisle so that attendees passing by could also watch the demonstration that was going on inside the booth.

To reduce costs, Exhibit People used solid dark gray sintra where possible, giving this very functional 10×20 trade show booth rental a very custom look for a relatively low rental price.

The aisle facing TVs worked out great and blended nicely against the dark gray sintra panels. Overall this was a very effective use of space and lead to a number of other rentals with Iyuno.

Thank you for trusting us Iyuno!

To be honestly, my team want to looking for another exhibition company but I would like to work with you.

Jinil Ko

General Manager, Iyuno

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