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Zonar is a Washington based company that develops, manufactures and distributes high tech devices for the construction industry.

Sonar is a highly experienced exhibitor attending many shows across the country. In fact Zonar owns a number of booth properties that they use as part of their trade show marketing program. However with such a busy trade show schedule, Zonar sometimes has a conflict where two shows are happening at the same time.

This is how Exhibit People met them some years ago. Zonar did a Google search for trade show rental company in Las Vegas and found Exhibit People.

Initially this was just a last minute solution that allowed them to be at both shows at the same time. However during a very smooth experience with this first rental, Zonar’s management saw the value in avoiding shipping and avoiding most of the work and expense involved with supervising the install and dismantle of one of their own booth properties. It was a bonus that we also store clients printed trase show wall graphics free of charge.

So we ended up using this rental booth design with Zonar for three consecutive years.

The functional requirements important to them were a graphic basketball with large bold message to promote their product, a demonstration trade show counter where booth staff could show and explain the use and function of the Zonar’s product and an informal meeting table where the owner could meet with clients and prospects.

The trade show counter was not overly important to Zonar so we proposed a small storage closet has a place to keep literature, giveaways and personal items during the show.

Overall this was a very effective booth for Zonar and an excellent solution for conflicting trade shows.

For some clients, the subtle benefit of renting their trade show booth over owning a booth property is only realized when they have a need, then a first hand rental experience.

Thank you Zonar! We’re glad to help you anytime you have conflicting trade shows.

Thanks Matt, our guys really liked the booth. Everything went just as we hoped.

Courtney Harris

Marketing Manager, Zonar

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