Rental 1333 Vanness - 10x20

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This VanNess trade show rental booth design goes back to 2009. We were trying to phone solicit business at the Super Zoo Pet Show when we first talked with Rod Van Hess.

We can say this now because Rod is truly one of our most favorite clients and we’ve had many conversations over the years on how we first started working together.

Rod was a loyal GES expositions client when we talked with him. He was very reluctant to make a change and I’m not sure how we continued that first conversation. But something was said opened the opportunity for us to provide a competitive quote for comparison, if nothing else.

As Rod tells it, it was probably how Jen on our team handled the near rejection that made him give us a shot. In any case, that shot somehow convinced Rod to give us this rental project for that first show back in 2009.

The things that mattered to Rod then are very much the things that matter to Rod today in terms of his trade show rental booth. Today Rod’s booth is a 20×30 trade show rental display but the key element of today’s booth is the same as it was back in this 10×20 rental booth display.

In 2009 Rod used custom glass display shelving creating a stable, adjustable and nice looking area which was the booths main selling point. And we have to say back in 2009 this was a fairly custom looking rental display.

Rod rented this booth for 3 to 4 years for his Las Vegas Super Zoo trade show booths.

Then after a string of smooth rental experiences, Rod raised the possibility of bidding on his larger Orlando Global Pet trade show display booth and many 20×20 and 20×30 trade show rental booths later, Rod and VanNess are still trusting us.

If you want to see other rental booths we did for Vanness Plastics just take VanNess into the search bar of the footer.

And if you ever meet Rod at one of these trade shows ask him to show you pictures of his car show winning Chevy Corvette!

Thank you Rod, we absolutely love working with you!

We wanted to ramp up quickly with the best people.... Our bookkeepers, developers, designers, customer support --- everything is through upwork.

Jay Shapiro

Founder, Van Ness

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