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Silynx Communications is a Virginia based company specializing in high end communications gear for the military and first responders. Silynx is one of our very long time clients and honestly we can’t remember how we first met Silynx. They probably found us like many of our other clients, by searching Google for trade show company in Las Vegas.

Silynx was not necessarily looking for a trade show rental booth but more of an exhibit house partner willing to work with them for their selection of small shows featuring around the U.S.

Silynx first started with a small 10×10 trade show rental booth space and then quickly grew to a 20×20 booth space with this being the most recent design we have done with them over the years.

If you know the Shot Show in Las Vegas, you may also know that it’s very difficult to get a booth space their so exhibitors tend to stay in the same location for many years. Silynx has had the same 10×20 booth space for at least five years.

For this 10 x 20 trade show rental display design, Silynx wanted something that really presented well with their three product categories. Silynx developed products for the military, first responders and for sportsmen. Shot Show is attended by people from all three of these demographics. Also important to Silynx was a sample size storage closet and a comfortable meeting set.

So with these three requirements of product display, storage closet and meeting set, Exhibit People designers went to work. An additional factor we had to keep in mind was that their booth space was on a corner giving two aisles of access for attendees.

So in most ways the designer served a simple look with the trade show wall and a closet. The one unique solution we incorporated was custom glass product shelving that sat in front of the trade show wall mural with some elements passing through cutouts in the back wall to give the glass shelving proper stability. This way the rental product shelving did not fragment the graphic message but rather blended with and enhanced it.

To complete this design with the right look and feel, we selected one of our smaller curved custom trade show counters that fit the logos and brand colors perfectly with oak looking vinyl trade show flooring for a splash of outdoor atmosphere.

Silynx has used this design for three years and we suspect it will be used longer with possibly only the back wall mural updated for a fresh look.

Thank you for trusting us all these years!


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