Booth Staffing

We recommend you talk with Sid Simone, owner of Simone Staffing. Sid has many years of experience on the show floor and has developed a booth staffing program and network of talent that you will appreciate.

Sid will help match you to one of her Ambassadors. She studies your company, builds a training manual, and requires your talent to study and pass the test before your event. This is a strong refreshing approach to hiring local booth staff to help greet and assist clients and prospects.

Graphics Storage

We want to help you save money in every way possible. That’s why we offer to store your booth’s graphics in our graphics storage until your next show free of charge. If you want to change your graphics come showtime, that’s always an option. But the more graphics that we can reuse from show to show, the less money you spend on new graphics. Contact us to find out more about storing your booth’s graphics with us.

Rental Exhibit Design

At Exhibit People, we engineer as we develop our unique trade show rental designs. Our extensive CAD library and our unique workflow system allow us to draw from our libraries and maximize material and packing efficiencies as we design. Our show floor install and dismantle experience helps know what works well and what wastes time and money.

This advantage of rental exhibit designs translates into rental booths that match proposed renderings in every detail, minimizing waste and reducing shipping and installation costs. This allows us to give you more booths for less money. Talk with one of our Rental Designers and you’ll find that we need just a few days to develop a custom-tailored design suited to your needs and budget. If we miss the mark, we’ll gladly try again.

Video Production

Videos in the video production category are typically 1-3 minute looping MP4 videos with audio and are built to the pixel height and width you require. For most TV’s that will be 9:16, for LED video walls that can be any height or width.

We use Auto desk Maya and Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D to create the majority of our videos. Talk with our Video Specialist today to discuss ideas and options in adding a video to your rental exhibit solution.

Show Service Orders

Choosing to rent your trade show display comes with many advantages. When you rent from Exhibit People, we work closely with you to complete the show service orders, or we’ll complete them for you on your behalf, whichever you prefer. When you want us to handle the paperwork we add a very small 10% service charge for our efforts. You give us your online ordering access info and we take it from there.

It’s in both our interest to place these orders on time and accurately to ensure services are performed as planned during install.

Booth Shipping

At Exhibit People, we ship rental booths all over the country and even internationally. We know how to get your booth from our warehouse to the show floor fast, safely, and efficiently. We use trusted exhibit freight carriers and durable crates built tough and reinforced with steel to withstand even the longest haul. And remember, we travel to the show – no handing off responsibility to a third party labor company.

We see your booth leave our warehouse and we’re the first ones to open your freight on the show floor. After the show, we are the last ones to pack and seal your freight and properly turn in the show paperwork for a safe journey back to our warehouse.

Need to ship your products? We can help with booth shipping your products and literature too. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with all your shipping needs.

Install Labor

The days leading up to show opening can be stressful, especially for those tasked with making final preparations for the show. We see this as our opportunity to demonstrate how renting is also about worry-free execution with setting up install labor.

Of course, you’re welcome in your booth space at any time during installation, but if you have other things to get done, we keep you posted and send you updates as we get started and reach milestones. We are your partner on the show floor and we are there to help you get show-ready, which often involves more than just installing your booth like providing you with install labor support.

Graphic Design

We make graphic design easy for you with our many years of experience designing eye-catching booths. We help your logo and message come to life with our design techniques and high-quality graphics printing. Every company’s needs are different, let us show you some ideas and if they don’t work for you, we’ll try again. We strive to give your brand a look that you’ll love. Contact us to get started.