What Makes Us Trade Show Rental Specialists?

In a word, “experience” is what makes us trade show booth rental specialists. Not just experience in designing trade show rental booths, but in-depth trade show industry experience that spans 30 years. And not just 30 years of trade show rental experience, we bring in-depth engineering and manufacturing knowledge from our experience with the portable modular side of the trade show industry.

With 2 industry patents, you can tell we are passionate about booth construction materials and mechanical design. But honestly, what we really enjoy is how these materials and newer processes can be used to create a cost-effective, captivating trade show display rental that looks like a custom build. We enjoy this most when standing with our clients after install, impressed with the how well they look at the show having spent much less than the neighbors around them.

We clearly see how certain materials and processes have improved the trade show industry, opening up new rental design opportunities to give big bang for your investment. Years ago, we’d have said “don’t waste your money on a video wall, the ROI isn’t there.” However, as soon as modern video walls hit the market, we saw their advantage and quickly engineered a ground support system so our clients could have this new technology ahead of the curve. Today we are an industry leader in LED video wall rentals and integrating LED video walls into custom trade show rental designs.


There are 3 key components to the rental service we provide:

1) We understand the true difference between designing and building a custom exhibit for rental, versus designing and building a custom exhibit for purchase. We’ve learned that rental opens up opportunities to save costs, so you can apply that money where it gives most value. This begins with developing and growing the right rental inventory – starting with the materials. The right rental inventory applies well to current trends, but is not so unique and unusual, so that it can still provide maximum versatility.

For example, we’ve added a large variety of rental reception counters to our lineup, each one designed to fit different needs and maintain a cohesive theme that complements your brand. Maximizing locking storage is a must, but most importantly, each counter can easily be modified to fit a wide variety of booth designs. Sometimes this is done by simply changing the printed face graphic, other times by printing all sides for a richly custom look.

All trade show booths benefit from smart engineering that allow a booth to ship compact and install quickly. Our background in Modular design helps us greatly in this area. We design booths that require fewer crates and smaller install crews, translating into big savings for you.

2) We deeply understand the show floor. We know how freight moves from Advance Warehouse, through the Marshaling Yard, to your booth space. We know the best techniques for running power from the show hall to your towers, kiosks and counters of your booth design. Likewise, through experience, we know what to avoid when hanging a sign or installing a video wall. All of these can deliver your marketing message spot on and have a huge impact on lowering your show service costs, which are generally 1/3 of your total trade show investment.

3) We install every booth we rent. We are onsite, leading the install of every booth we ship, regardless of what venue or what city. Our team knows your booth intimately by the time it packs and ships from our warehouse. Who better to be there onsite to lead the team in unpacking, staging and systematically building your booth in your booth space?  Not only are we onsite, we call the show organizers directly, days in advance, to verify our freight was received, and all the service orders are in place and on schedule to avoid any delay.

Passion and Experience

Did I mention we also love to travel? We’re quite good at finding the best deals on airfare and hotels. In fact, we run much of our business on our Southwest Airline credit card, which results in lots of free travel miles. We enjoy knowing how other trade show cities work, knowing the best places to get last minute graphics printed, or where to receive last minute packages.

This is a powerful combination of passion and industry experience that allows our team to competitively design trade show exhibit rentals and service trade show markets across the country. We’re often asked if we ship and install in Orlando or other show cities, and our reply is that much of our work is outside Las Vegas. We are Rental Specialists, and we’ve found this works in our home city of Las Vegas as well as across the country.

Whether you own your trade show booth or have rented your booths in the past, talk with us to day to see how Exhibit People trade show rentals give you more flexibility to change on a dime and adapt to different shows and different booth locations. Now more than ever it makes sense to consider rental.

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