Rental Design 1925 - 10x20

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This 10×20 is also one of our new safer rental design ideas. A solid printed backwall with TV is a very common rental backwall for us as it provides for a large mural graphic with a complimenting video. What makes this design safer is in how the reception counter is held back from the aisle to give space for attendees to step off the aisle away from other attendees.

Also, moved the keyboard a foot away from the larger 65” demo station TV. This gives more breathing room for everyone and allows the TV to do both, run your companies main looping video while being ready for quick switch to some kind of live demo. The technology to allow this is simple and there are a few ways to make the switch. Generally it’s a click or two and your switched.

We didn’t fully remove the furniture, but instead opted to include 2 minimal stools without arm rests that are easier to keep clean and sanitary. One behind the larger reception counter and one at the demo counter. The counters by the way are both with locking storage and the larger reception counter can serve as a meeting space for short discussion with a small group.

For the flooring we chose our comfort flex interlocking tile in the lightest wood pattern we have. In a smaller space this flooring is ideal, saving in shipping, handling and install labor. Each tile has the foam padding bonded to the printed tile surface.

Overall this is a super clean custom looking 10×20 design.


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