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This cool 20×30 booth design is another new design from our Safe Rental Design Collection. The clever two piece sign provides opportunity to layer image and text in an eye catching way. The oval shape of these tension fabric signs set the tone for this rental design layout. With the exception of the hanging sign frame, everything else in this design are elements from our standard rental inventory – including the curved rental reception counters.

We love any opportunity to use our Samsung LED Smart TVs vertically. With the right content, they work perfectly and in this example an applied white border makes them resemble iPhone’s, which worked perfectly.

The layout of these elements created a super opportunity for one corner wall to be larger and serve as a safe rental demo station. Notice how the keyboard counter is off to the side allowing booth staff to conduct the demo a few feet away from the optimal viewing position. This opens the demo station area up allowing even small groups the room to enjoy!

The flooring used in this design is our favorite light wood pattern of our rental rollable vinyl flooring. In this application it nicely compliments Veriff’s branding.

Overall, this is a fun, open and inviting design! The open space, the offset demo counter, the wall mounted hand sanitizers and finally the QR codes printed on the seamless graphics give the feeling that this is a safe booth to enter and engage!


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