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This larger 40×40 island Bosch rental design idea is another one of our smart larger island rental designs. These Next Generation rental designs provide more trade show booth for far less investment than a full custom build.  Like all of our Next Generation rental designs, this design leverage is a huge double sided overhead hanging sign as the key graphic element to deliver the brand and message while leaving the ground structure more open and inviting.

This design has two main eye-catching elements, the huge overhead two-piece sign and the massive double-sided LED video wall. We really like how the sign frames the video wall tower, drawing attention to the live action message with bold recognizable branding. We envision looping videos showing jobsite tradesman using these tools with speed and accuracy.

We placed long sweeping printed graphic rental reception counters in front of the video wall on each side. These counters are set back from the aisles signaling to attendees to come in and browse and let us know when you have questions or want to talk business. This design strategy makes your booth more approachable and invites attendees to spend a little more time in your booth space.

For the open portion of this booth, under the massive tension fabric hanging sign, we’ve placed clean modern product tables properly spaced to allow attendees hands on time with the products while reading detailed feature and benefit printed plaques.

Because this booth space is a larger, there is still plenty a room for two comfortable lounge meeting areas to discuss the details of business.

There’s no chance your attendees will overlook your company in this fresh new larger island rental booth design. Sure, you could accomplish all of this in a smaller 20×20 booth space but for a little more money this larger space gives you prime show floor location and a strong underlying message that you’re an industry leader that should not be overlooked!


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