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This bright design is one of our new 2021 smart Next Generation design ideas. This represents a fresh, new, less formal approach to tradeshow marketing. These new rental design ideas are our newest, open, inviting and approachable larger island rental design ideas. All have been designed to truly break free from the stuffy corporate exhibit designs of the past to fit the authentic company you are today!

This larger island rental design idea features a massive two-piece hanging sign, printed on both sides and suspended diagonal corner to corner above the 40×40 booth space. This sign is large enough to present your brand logo and message in a super eye-catching shape.

The ground structure below the hanging sign is open and inviting to allow attendees to wander in and look around before asking questions at the central reception area. The curved rental reception counters provide plenty of locking storage and a perfect place to display a company logo or branding message.

Four customized rental kiosks with custom product sample shelves on the sides and vertical mounted TV’s playing looping video provide an effective way for this company to show off new product designs, while keeping the focus on franchise discussions.

The open spaces allow for some well-placed comfortable lounge meeting sets for informal client meetings within the booth. This booth is designed to create an inviting atmosphere for greeting and meeting with a bit of product touch and feel in the process. Attendees will easily locate you on the show floor and just as easily know where to enter and approach if they have questions.

Choosing a smart and efficient larger island design gives you a premium show floor location on the show floor and premium overhead branding visibility. For many exhibitors there’s no need to clutter your booth when your real goal is getting people together to meet and talk business. Attendees already know your brand and know your products now your primary job is to forge a new business relationship and this booth gives you the look and the space to get this done!


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