Rental Design 1963 - 10x10

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This design is one of our new Safe Collection rental design ideas. In a 10×10 space you don’t have much space to both keep distance and provide a video demo but it can be done! In addition you want large seamless graphics or a video to help attract attendees interest. With this simple rental solution and a little technology, you can have it all – and not look small and portable!

The TV mounted to the backwall is a Samsung LED Smart TV  that tells the attendees where to look while still displaying you booth message/company name in colorful print.

The graphic printed rental reception counter  can serve many purposes in this booth. As a safe design, it provides a comfortable barrier that provides a natural 4-5′ space between you and your client. With some wires run under the flooring and up into the counter, we can easily give you a keyboard on this counter from which to control the larger TV content. You could also let the backwall TV loop your main message and handle demos with a smaller countertop laptop. Both are good options that give you good use of your space and provide the added benefit of creating a bigger booth feel in a smaller booth space!


Quick two minute video.

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