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Foton is a Hollywood based company providing specialized anamorphic zoom lenses to the film industry. Foton made the decision to exhibit at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Their goal was to demonstrate two of their newest zoom lenses and to gain brand awareness in that tight knit Hollywood movie industry.

Budget was a factor but a little more important was an impressive booth. One that reflected the identity of a well-organized well-run lens company. Foton was a super name to work with since the word “Foton” has a nostalgic connection. The first goal was to develop the use of space and the structure where by cameras could be placed at the right distance from models focused on in the demonstration. It was important to photon to have clever lighting in the scene and in the booth since they’re anamorphic lenses have a great effect with lighting.

Foton gets the credit for the pegboard idea behind the printed graphic rental reception counter. This simple euro style of shelving was one the owner of Foton had seen somewhere else and sent us a picture to see if we could duplicate it. Exhibit People’s designers and carpenters went to work and in no time had fabricated pegboard and wood shelves to match just exactly what Fulton wanted. We provided seamless graphic specs to them and their designer came up with a cutting edge, yet nostalgic looking high impact graphic combination.

Overall this is one of our favorite 10×20 rental trade show rental booths so far. It represents what we love to do which is mostly standard components used in new configurations with a splash of custom work so that the end result is a whole lot a booth for a surprisingly low amount of money.

Super job Foton!

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