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Newcon Optik is a well-known designer in the manufacturing of military grade optics. Newcon is based in Toronto, Canada and attends the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas. It doesn’t take you long to realize Newcon is well known in their industry.

Shot show is unique in that it allows certain in-line spaces to be 12 feet tall. Newcon had a 10×20 space in a great location of the main exhibit hall. They have had the same space for many years. This has allowed our trade show rental design to grow and evolve with them over the years.

Three elements of this booth remain most important to Newcon; locking glass display cases for their valuable products samples, informal semi-private meeting room for impromptu client meetings and a full 12′ tall back wall.

Our design back to Newcon featured a three-piece corner set of locking glass display cases, creating an inviting retail style environment. Next, we not only raise the back wall up to 12′ but we also confirmed that we could continue the 12′ height on the sidewall dividing, Newcon’s booth from a larger peninsula with space. This gave Newcon’s booth more size and presents from different approaches, while at the same time blocking the visibility of the neighboring booth properties.

A few other elements were added based on discussions with Newcon. Added was custom gun rack to hold clay model guns that featured Newcon optics mounted for demonstration. This additional a custom display was built into the meeting room while giving Newcon easy access to both the glass display cases and the clay guns with optics mounted. A 65″ TV was added to the back wall, looping a nicely done product video.

Overall this customized rental booth design has remained the right solution year after year for Newcon Optik. One feature we overlooked earlier was how we designed a 4′ solid black wall below a 8′ printed wall above. This strategy allows us to reprint the upper 8’ wall panels every couple of years at a lower cost then repair printing the full 12′ wall. The black portion adds bold contrast while elevating the printed portion to maximum visibility at or above eye level.

Thank you Newcon Optik for being such a solid partner all these years! We are always motivated to do our very best to show our continued appreciation for your trust and loyalty.

The booth was great!

Aaron Buckstein

VP Sales, Newcon Optik

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