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Reel Point is a New England based company. They service a niche market of country Golf and yacht clubs around the around the world. Their product are belts for men and women that are personalized with country club name and logo. Reel Point found Exhibit People by doing a Google search for trade show booth rental companies in Orlando, Florida.

Reel Point was looking for a trade show rental booth to display a huge variety of their personalized golf belts.  They wanted to hang them by the belt buckle and have the presentation be similar to how they might look at a golf shop. Having grown up around golf courses, Exhibit People founder and owner Matt LaBruzza was looking forward to the challenge and had a few ideas.

We had just recently developed a great way to add slat wall slots to a trade show wall where needed without having to use the heavy, bulky, full sheets of slat wall typically used for trade show walls. This allowed Exhibit People to offer two slots that ran the entire width of the back wall.

You can see from the show photos that this allows a very appealing trade show display along with allowing more product because the belt buckles were naturally wider than the belt and the staggered display allowed for this.

In addition to the product display on slat wall hooks, the entire back wall is seamlessly printed seamlessly printed. Since Reel Point sells both belts for yacht clubs and golf clubs, the trade show wall graphics delivered a look and feel for both of these markets.

Finally, to pull the design together with a distinctive custom look, white patio rental furniture was used for an informal meeting area and artificial grass was used for the trade show flooring.

Overall Reel Point had a fun and inviting presentation at the show ideal for the PGA trade show held each year in Orlando, Florida.

Thank you Reel Point!


We wanted to ramp up quickly with the best people.... Our bookkeepers, developers, designers, customer support --- everything is through upwork.

Jay Shapiro

Founder, Reel Point

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