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Nextgate is a health industry software company and also a great group of people. Exhibit people has worked with Nextgate for the last five years or so, developing rental booth solutions for each of their booth spaces at the HIMMS annual trade show. The healthcare industry is a competitive industry with a lot of very eye-catching booths on the show floor.

Nextgate is a good example of a company utilizing rental to adapt to their changing needs. We have done island trade show rental booths for Nextgate as well as in-line trade show rental booths.

For Nextgate they’ve approached us each year with a fresh set of eyes, evaluating the available booth spaces, the competition and what they had to announce to the industry. For this trade show rental booth, Nextgate had reserved a very nicely located 10×30 booth space. The challenge was, how we would re-purpose their existing graphics to an effective 10×30 trade show rental design?

A day before pulling the trigger on the new smaller booth space, we explored how we could re-purpose some of the graphics from their previous island booth into the new 10×30 space. Fortunately we were able to come up with a solution to re-purpose most of the graphics with the exception of the rental reception counter logo panel.

Nextgate planned to have a speaking panel with two or three speakers answering questions from the Nextgate moderator and also fielding questions from a group of gathering attendees. To accomplish this, Nextgate needed a space that could accommodate the speakers and low seating to accommodate a small number of attendees, planning that others would stand behind the seated attendees.The 10×30 trade show booth space allowed enough space so that this live speaking panel could be happening on the left side of the booth, while the right side with this rental reception counter and this rental computer demo stations was able to greet new attendees and also give one-on-one product demonstrations.

This turned out to be a very nice 10×30 trade show rental booth with a big booth look and feel. In part due to luck, but also in part due to the reconfigurability of Exhibit People’s rental inventory.

Thank you Rich and team for all your input and work to create this very nice booth that reflected your branding beautifully!

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