Rental 1764 Skeletal - 10x20

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Skeletal Dynamics is a company that designs and manufactures bone plates for doctors and hospitals. Skeletal has been a long time client originally buying large hanging signs to go over an existing booth structure. Later they began ordering custom glass display cases with pull out drawers to perfectly display their small bone plates and keep them easily accessible for attendees to touch and feel.

Overtime, as needed, they’ve also rented complete trade show rental booth solutions from us for the smaller shows or when they have a conflict between two shows going on at the same time.

For this booth Skeletal dynamics had reserved a 10×30 booth space at the AAOS medical device show. The management team was very partial to having backlit graphics. In addition to graphic messaging, skeletal dynamics always uses the custom glass display cases we designed and built for them years ago, along with LED TVs to loop videos showing products and medical procedures.

For this 10×30 booth space Exhibit People designers came up with a clever way to join to display cases with a mounted face graphic to create one larger main counter with larger Skeletal branding. This allowed the back wall image to be more focused on product and messaging. For the back wall we used one of our backlit light-boxes as a center focal point and integrated flanking solid white wall sections with LED TVs mounted on both ends. Skeletal had provided the flooring and the display counters, which they own, and the LED TVs which they own, and used in their larger booth.

Exhibit People provided a design to organize this group of components into a balanced custom looking rental solution. Our design, included the back wall with the center light box and the flanking white walls. This is a super example of re-purposing existing booth property while adding trade show rental booth property to make the most of a specific booth size.

Great job Skeletal!

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