Rental 1786 Camalot - 10x20

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Camelot ITLab is a company that provides custom software solutions using the SAP platform. They specialize in supply chain solutions for businesses. Camelot found Exhibit People by conducting a Google search for trade show rental displays in Orlando. Much of our rental business is in Orlando and we have a limited amount of rental inventory 20 minutes from the Orlando Convention Center.

Camelot had a 10×20 booth space at the SAP Sapphire show in Orlando and was looking for an eye-catching rental booth to promote their SAP specialization. Camelot’s management team was most interested in a backlit solution, which is a particularly good idea for the SAP show because like many shows, SAP chooses to dim the hall lights making booth lighting more impactful.

Camelot was looking for a booth that had a great looking seamless printed rental back wall and a LED touch rental kiosk where they could walk attendees through their workflow process. Our Exhibit People designers went to work and we just so happened to have a great 10×20 backlit back wall in our rental inventory. We have designed and built touch kiosks in the past and using our experience in this developed a complementing kiosk for Camelot’s rental booth. Attendees were able to step up and click through the workflow process as well as case studies from recent project.

Camelot wanted a little more branding associated with the bar height meeting set so they designed and we printed a vinyl graphic which we mounted to the bar height table top during the trade show display install.

Overall, Camelot’s 10×20 trade show rental display booth was a great solution for them. The bold colors help them stand out from the neighboring booths and the inviting layout allowed them to connect with many more attendees.

It was a pleasure working with you Camelot!

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