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Rental HVE is part of a larger fast-growing software development company providing software solutions to the healthcare industry. Rental HVE Found Exhibit People doing a search for trade show rental companies on Google.

They were in a last-minute rush wanting to see if it was possible to design, build, and deliver for a fast-approaching healthcare industry trade show. Exhibit People had two weeks to design, build, and ship this trade show rental display to arrive on time.

The main booth design criteria were to have a trade show booth space with at least two computer demo stations. Trade show pedestals were also needed to highlight computer hardware that was part of HVE’s product line.

During the show, HVE was interested in owning this booth because they planned on doing many shows and included that owning this booth property would be more cost-effective than renting a display for each show.

We explained the difference between renting and owning, and we explained that our specialty is in renting not selling trade show displays.

However, the decision-makers for HVE were insistent so we submitted a purchase price that applied a portion of the rental price paid to build and own this trade show display booth as shown, including TVs.

The money was transferred and the booth was purchased before we even arrived back to our warehouse. Exhibit People stored and serviced this client-owned trade show display three more years before sending it to a Dallas HVE warehouse.

In many ways, this was not one of our favorite designs, since we don’t promote trade show pedestals made this way any longer but even looking at this rush rental display today it’s a good looking solution. It shows how nice looking graphics really make all the difference for any trade show display.

Thank you HVE! Do we wonder if you’re still using that booth?


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