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This Great horn design is also one of our safe new rental design ideas. If your goal is to get noticed on the show floor, then consider how this sign/ LED video wall catches the eye. This solution has lots going for it. Its an interesting shape. Its tension fabric sign leads the eye to your greeting counters telling attendees where they can get help. IN this design the ground structure compliments the hanging structure in a ying yang sort of way with the demo tower positioned below the LED video wall and the duel reception counters positioned below the tension fabric sign.

This design provides lots of space for social distancing both at the reception counters and also at the demo stations. Notice how the keyboard counters of the demo stations are set off from the wall so create more viewing distance and subsequently space for a small group of viewers.

Hand sanitizing stands at two corners tell attendees to keep a clean sanitized booth. There is no waste in this design as everything contributes significantly to the function and look of this design, even the empty space.


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