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This larger island rental booth designed with Vans shoes in mind is an excellent example of letting a simple but clever overhead tension fabric sign speaks volumes. The sign doesn’t need to be a complex 3D structure. A simple space that complements your brand speaks volumes.

Below the sign this booth is open and inviting and less formal like all our new next gen design ideas. Half of this booth is dedicated to a sweeping reception area large enough to easily handle 4-5 approaching attendees at the same time. Naturally we’ve included product tables for attendees to browse new styles and quality features. We selected a hip matte black lightly textured vinyl flooring to tie everything together.

Close by are a few comfortable branded benches where attendees can wait for booth staff or even try on a few of the new shoe styles.

This booth design has an ideal location for one well placed kiosk with vertical oriented 65” TV’s add a nice touch showing shoes on models in different locations to enhance the booth atmosphere.

With this larger island booth space we still have room for two comfortable lounge meeting areas. Invite both staff and clients to sit and discuss business details.

Overall, this is a simple fun and inviting open booth design with room for plenty of attendees and staff. This type of uncluttered design delivers a tremendous amount of bang for your rental buck.

As always, we will gladly store your graphics between shows, free of charge!


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