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This smart new larger island rental design idea is another one from our Next Generation of more approachable affordable inviting large designs.

The unique and massive two-piece overhead sign is an efficient use of space for overhead branding and messaging. This hanging sign delivers a huge impact along with an open inviting booth space that makes attendees feel welcome to wander in. With this design, there’s a little chance that your target attendees will overlook you on the show floor!

The fun shape of this hanging sign allows you to frame a large LED video wall tower while directing attendees attention to the business side of the booth. For one half of this design we’ve added a large double-sided video wall for looping video impact. Nothing conveys your message more quickly and completely than a well created 30 second looping video. For one side of the video wall we placed a large sweeping reception counter to serve as the main information desk. The opposite video wall features a small keynote stage and bench seating area facing the presenter and video wall for streaming the action large and live, whether it’s a laptop presentation or keynote address.

The remaining booth space is open and inviting with three somewhat private meeting spaces. Three hugely comfortable lounge meeting areas give ideal space for serious in-depth discussion.

We added a single rental workstation in a central location to give your staff and attendees a portal to your in-depth web content, including website, videos and social media.

This design is highly versatile to tailor a companies specific needs. For example, each of these meeting areas could be easily replaced with computer demo kiosks or product display pedestal groups while maintaining the open inviting appeal of this design.

In terms of the flooring, we selected our light wood vinyl flooring to compliment the graphics of this design. Vinyl flooring is a bit more costly than carpet, but it has the ability to enhance the look and feel of your booth many times more. With different booth graphics, video content and flooring, this design will easily take on a completely different look and feel.

There really is good bang for your buck in this design with its fresh look, efficient bold elements. The open layout will allow for attendees to easily find you and want to stay and linger a while!


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