Rental 1674 Mallynas - 10x20

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Mallynas is a successful Las Vegas lash company that sells Lashes and supplies for making eye lashes thicker and fuller. Mallynas frequently holds workshops and lash application classes in their Las Vegas locations. Anna, The owner of Mallynas called one day interested in getting a fun booth design for their upcoming IBS beauty show booth being held in Las Vegas. We’re still not sure if and if Anna found out about us from one of our other rental clients on the show floor or if she found us via a Google search for “rental display companies in Las Vegas”.

Anna referenced a booth we had done for another lash company a year before and she wanted something very similar. Anna is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and we wanted to do our very best to help her have an amazing show. The 10×20 trade show rental booth Anna was referring to had a printed seamless back wall graphic with a 55″ rental TV mounted and set up to receive a live feed from a camera focus on a live demonstration in front of the TV. Under the 55″ rental HD LED TV Anna’s team had brought a massage table and camera used to do live demonstrations in her booth.

At the front edge the booth were three rental glass display cases and a similar size graphic branded rental reception counter, giving the booth a very retail look and feel. Since both companies were in the same business, we only needed to print Mallynas back wall and counter graphics. It was a win-win, especially since the our other client moved up to a 20×20 island trade show booth and was no longer using this 10×20 trade show rental design.

Anna continued to use this same booth for three years in a row. The first year she invested in the entire booth plus the print and graphics. As with all of our clients, we store the printed graphics free of charge until the next year. By reusing graphics and renting the same design, Anna was able to save a good chunk of money.

Thank you Anna it was a pleasure working with you and your team!

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