Rental 1702 Specna - 10x20

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Specna Arms is a Poland based manufacture of airsoft rifles and accessories to airsoft training and competition. Specna arms is not just a manufacture but also the organizer of a community that puts on competitions and events throughout Poland and Europe.

Specna had secured a booth space at the Las Vegas shot show and found Exhibit People by conducting a Google search for exhibit rental companies in Las Vegas. They came to us with a concept design, which was helpful to let us know what they wanted to include in the booth and in some ways, the importance of each element they were planning for the booth.

We first attempted to duplicate their design but in the process quickly realized that we had some ways to give them a better solution that was more in line with our materials and expertise. We proposed this improved custom rental booth design with back wall and side walls that were printed and had integrated slots to accept slot wall fixtures. This allowed us to offer them a lot more product display real estate on the back wall and the sidewalls and to do it in a way that kept the focus on the products and not on the display.

Continuing with this theme, we were able to create a smart looking back wall meeting table and a matching tower for Specna to display their product lines of gloves. The locking rental glass display counter completed the solution serving as both a display case for smaller products and a reception counter for the booth space.

We chose a dark wood vinyl rental flooring to complement Specna’s graphics and color scheme and contrast against their bold white logo and text.

With Specna’s product fully loaded in the display case on the back wall on the side walls and on the glove tower, this booth looked spot on!

Thank you Specna Arms for trusting us and we look forward to Partnering with you for years to come!

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