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Avanan is a innovative company with proprietary software To secure content in the cloud from malicious activities. Avanan found Exhibit People by typing rental video wall trade show displays into a Google search, they completed one of our rental requests, referencing one of our 10×20 rental video wall design ideas and we were off to the races.

Turns out we were an ideal fit for what Avanan was looking for. They understood the impact and message delivering potential of a full 10×20 video wall back wall. Their marketing team was hoping we would be able to do a picture-in-picture where the background featured a branding atmosphere and somewhere in the foreground they could do a live demo. Our rental LED video wall tech tested the picture-in-picture feature in our warehouse and we sent video clips to Avanan for the feedback. They were excited with the results! We all loved the background they had chosen and the subtle motion of the background that made it look alive yet not overpowering, allowing the viewer to focus on the live demonstration in the center of the wall.

In addition to the rental LED video while back wall, Avanan wanted two pedestals where they could do iMac demonstrations in front of the LED video wall. To greet attendees and introduce them to the content on the video wall, we included a small branded rental reception counter with locking storage. Another request from Avanan was more booth storage. The locking base of the rental reception counter was not enough storage for the giveaways that they planned to keep in the booth space. So Exhibit People’s designers and carpenters went to work developing side closets for the rental video wall. These side closets bolted on both ends and aided in the support of the video wall. Each closet had three locking doors for giveaway storage.

Last unusual request from Avanan was whether we could source and apply a magnetic surface to the side closets. They needed the storage the side closets provided but they also wanted to use the side surface to attach and display their giveaway magnets. Their magnets were approximately 2″ featuring industry specific cartoons poking fun at standard computer problems.

Overall Avanan’s 10×20 video wall back wall booth was a lot of fun to develop, deliver and install at the RSA show in San Francisco.

Great job Avanan!

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